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The Sunovis Financial Partner Program


– We seek talented, motivated people; this is NOT an “any warm body” company

– If you are talented and motivated, you’re joining a company that understands…

– You want an REAL opportunity to reach the financial goals you’ve set

– You want to focus on the things that make money

– You expect infrastructure that makes your life simpler

The Sunovis Personal Marketing System

– You expect marketing support that helps you:

– Identify prospects

– Communicate our value proposition effective

– Follow-up relentlessly and close sales.

– Systematically build referrals and cross-sell opportunities

Reaching your goals requires excellent fundamental knowledge

– Sunovis University is unmatched in its educational value and we divide education into two phases.

– Quick launch:  The fundamentals that create early success and forward momentum

– Winner circle savvy: The difference between those who make 80% of industry sales and those who make the 20%.


A Business Model that is Recession Proof

Banks are no longer a reliable source of funding, making alternative lending the fastest growing market segment in America. There can not be a better time to enter into this business then now. The business model that you will learn is very profitable in good economic times, but also thrives under weak economic conditions. The majority of business owners are currently being declined by banks that have been hit hard by the credit crunch. Despite what you may hear in the news, there are actually many non bank lenders that are very solvent and are willing to lend money to businesses for all credit types. These are the kinds of lenders that you will be doing business with through our program and earn large commissions in the process.


The Sunovis Difference

The alternative lending marketplace is still largely unregulated. It is filled with horror stories of gross overcharges and hidden fees, costs, and requirements. There is a growing set of discount lenders and other players offering none of the services that small business owners need to make the right decisions, today and tomorrow.

The Sunovis strategy is based on a sincere commitment to the long-term success of our small business clients. We actively do what we can to ensure that the first loan is the best possible alternative. Then, we stay in touch with our clients, offering financial advice and general business assistance for their ongoing success.

The objective is a win-win-win outcome: small businesses prosper, and we and our active partners earn long-term relationships with our clients- relationships that lead to continued business and direct referrals.


Sunovis Partner Roles

Our different partner roles allows you to create income while working in the business category that best fits your objectives

Referral Partner: Small business and influencer relationship building leading to Sunovis loan applications. No origination activity required. Ideal for sales and service oriented people, either focused on loans or adding a new profit center to existing activity. 200 basis points on microloans, larger opportunity on higher-end instruments.

Senior Loan Advisor: Steps up from Referral Partner to assume a role in the details of loan origination. A strong step toward active entrepreneurship in the financial services industry. Income is approximately 55% of Sunovis net.

Senior Vice-President: A successful Senior Advisor now ready to create a team of Loan Advisors. Larger percentages plus over-rides. A national-scope opportunity.


Getting Started


Please complete the form below thoughtfully and completely. It is an important part of our process of gauging an applicant’s sincerity and ability to communicate effectively.

After reviewing your information, we will be in touch to discuss any issues and to cover specific launch steps.

We believe in helping small businesses grow and thrive.  Help us in our mission!


Let’s get started… Tell us about you!


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